Martech was formed in 1988 to meet the request of a Fortune 500 company for an incoming IC inspection device.  From those beginnings, Martech has grown to serve the needs of customers both large and small on a wide variety of projects.

We do receive a specification, but along the road of the design partnership, other lower cost and possibly more efficient methods of meeting the spec can be achieved.  This working relationship and true partnership is what allows Martech to not only meet the needs of the intended application, but to become part of the in house design team.  Understanding the product, bringing in years of experience from other industries, which can help broaden the scope and optimize the design of the product.

We can provide full turnkey solutions from a wide range of specifications.  We have designed products which were quite literally drown on the back of a piece of scrap paper, all the way through a complete and thorough specification provided by the customer.  We always have, and will continue to work both ways.  The back of the napkin can be fun and challenging, as Martech and the host company develop an idea into a product.

In fact, we still have framed an actual sketch on scrap paper from an early device.  We have the scribblings next to the final product.  It brings us back to our roots.   Flexibility is the key and we know all about flexibility.

The one item we believe sets Martech apart from the others, is our unique relationship with working professionals.  These are our on-call engineers.  Every one on our staff has a minimum of 10yrs experience.  Most are retired and bring a wealth of knowledge to the product design.

This flexible "grow as needed" approach allows Martech to immediately work on the needs of your project.  We assemble the correct team, and can roll our sleeves up immediately.  All projects are overseen and have the owners involvement.  When you call Martech, you are dealing directly with the owner.